Current Recruiting Environment

Unemployment statistics, as put out by the Bureau of Labor Statistics each month, have been falling gradually over time to near pre-recession numbers. However, the labor participation rate, which consists of the number of people who actually are able and looking for work, was found to be the lowest its been since the decade following 1970.  As of November 2014, 36% of people under 40 years old stopped looking for work reportedly due to job search results which were discouraging to the job-seekers.  Recruiting in both the manufacturing and service sectors has become increasingly difficult for human resources professionals with 19 straight months of increased difficulty in a 2015 SHRM feedback survey.

          Recruiters need a lot of professional skill to draw talent into the workforce via social media and to hire quality talent for any open requisitions to satisfy company demand.  The current trends in recruiting are becoming more and more technological as HRIS (human resource information systems) software becomes more prevalent.  Mobile technology dominates communication and social media quickly overtakes more. Resume CEO will address the issues of the current state of affairs within the field of talent acquisition. 

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